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If you are considering returning back to school... I WAS there.

The answer to your first question is, no.  The answer to your first thought is, no.

Question one: am I too old to go back to school?

Thought one: I'm sure with all of the new technology things I learned in high school have since changed. 

I am answering those questions because I know the correct answers. This is where I have been lately and one of the main reasons why I haven't blogged on Patch in awhile. Not because I am unable to, because I choose to put my studies first and believe it or not, school is much more fun now than it was in high school. This may only apply to those who love to face challenges.

I have been a child, a teen, married, and I'm a mother. I have had jobs but I realized I never had a career. (Unless you want to call "taking care of everything" a career), and if you do, then yes I have had a lifetime career and managed to be pretty good at it.  

It wasn't a "realization" of anything negative or scary or feelings of an "empty-nest" or "I had better hurry up and do something I want to do with my life" feeling either. It was my own "hidden" secret that I kept to myself.  My "bucket list" isn't very long, but it was certainly a part of it, that I will complete college.  It is just the "time" to pursue it.  Things seemed to come at the "right" time  but for who's "right" time? Usually, (like most caring and compassionate people) it was for everyone else that I ensured their "right" time would be seen through from start to finish.  Anyone I wanted to thrust into the future knowing their potentials were worthy of being displayed, I was there for them.  I don't regret one bit of it.

My "right" time, my story.  

It was a Friday morning, I woke up with a "now" feeling. I can't explain that feeling, you will know it too when it comes.  What I can tell you is that I knew something I wanted to do, had to be done,  and would be done, today. I carried on with my usual very early morning routine, coffee, reading the newspaper, wash a few dishes, prepare for work etc; saw everyone off and the house was quieter than usual. Something was sitting on my shoulder  bugging me, but nothing physically was there. It wasn't until my mind raced and got stuck on return to school, like a broken record. I kid you not. It was like a drill sergant screaming, MOVE!  I grabbed my laptop and as if I were looking for the best deal of the day, I began scouring online accredited colleges and began cold calling.  The entry for most was too easy.  In another call  I either didn't like the tone of the person's voice being there was no excitement that matched mine.  Please note : (These things are important to me in just about every aspect of my life, the smaller details). Or the courses and curriculum were too vague, and one in particular I had remembered seeing so many commericials I actually hung up on them. (Truth). Maybe it was too much "marketing" talk during our brief conversation.  I called about five schools all over the U.S.. I was losing my own hype, it was as if I were listening to the same person over and over again and why their school was a good choice. I realize that is their job, but inside my mind and feelings I had to hold out.  It was my second to the last number on my list  and the gentlemen on the other end challenged ME. And he turned the conversation around on ME, and kept me on the phone for three hours engaged in ME and what I wanted and explored concept maps of how I was going to achieve the goal I set out for "myself".  He told me the honest to goodness truth about challenges, expectations and basically, don't waste their time and they won't waste mine, and the career and curriculum I chose would be tough, but that was even better! I was so excited about this new challenge.

To shorten my story, I'm through my first semester and I stand proudly as an A+ student in all classes.  I am on my second semester and the courses are tougher than the first, but I love it. I have "me" time something that is going to add value, emotionally and financially to my life. I am not too old and I proved this. I am not afraid of the new programs and technology because my wonderful school has a support system like no other.

This is exactly what our parents told us 20 years ago: education is key. I never forgot that, obviously. 

I don't believe education is key only to the mind, it also makes you realize your "true" potential in learning concepts and without the peers and judgements that came along with high school learning. And for those contemplating could I, should I, can I. the bottom line is that:  You Need To Make YOUR Future Necessary.  

And thankfully, I have English class and am learning about fragment sentences and all that good "writing correctly" stuff this semester so by the time I decide to write a new blog I will have learned how to punctuate correctly! LOL!!! 

You CAN do it. 

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Andrew April 11, 2012 at 12:56 AM
I love it. Never gets stale. Great writing! Look forward to more!
Andrew April 11, 2012 at 12:58 AM
I love it. Doesn't get stale. Gonna read more!


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