VIDEO: Waterford's Got Talent

Waterford Week's 11th-annual Variety Show stars a wide range of performers

kicked off Wednesday night with the 11th annual variety show in Clark Lane Middle School, showcasing a wide variety of local talents.

There was show tunes, girl scouts, alternative rock and even a dance exhibit by the new . The event was put on by long-time elementary school music teacher Sherry Stidefole.

List of Performers

Why am I Me?

By Alaina and Jenna Milukas

Beep, Beep

By the Alumni Chorus 

Professional Dance Demonstration               



By Dominic Bruno

Girl Scout action story                                                               

By Bethany Kanfer Mitchell and friends

Some people                                                                                            

Allison and Ralph Thorp

Music by Daniel Levanti  

Fantasia by GP Telemann                      

By Anne Megan

But That Ocean’s Calling Me                                                                  

By John “Woody” Wood

All These Changes                                                                                 

By Nick Evento

I Miss Everyone

By Evento and Wood


By Elijah Pysyk  

The Death of Mr. Fly                                          

By Carole, Stidfole, Edye Aldinger, Sophia Amodeo, Angela Dielli, Elizabeth Hawkins and Robby Sammataro

Love Can Build a Bridge

By Svetlana Amodeo

Morning Dance                                                                                        

By Matthew Milukas

Roll On, Columbia                                                                               

By The Crew 


By Diane and Mark Foster


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