Patch PSA: The Library Rocks

And Waterford Has A Really Good One

There is something severely underrated in this world, and I believe I’m legally obligated to tell everybody about it (I know, you read the headline so you already know what I’m referring to, but I’m going to pretend you don’t.)

R.A. Dickey? Talk Soup? No, something better. The library.

Let me just take you through something really quick. Imagine a place where there is every book you have ever wanted to read in your life, even eBooks. Or if it isn’t there, people will rush to get it delivered to you immediately. And there are movies and CDs and cool things to do as well. And it’s climate-controlled.

The cost of all this? Nothing.

Well, it really isn’t nothing. We obviously all pay it in our tax bills. But the point is you already pay for it anyway – you might as well use it.

I’ve been doing my work in the lately – I’m actually writing this story right now in the library. It is fantastic. People are quiet, it is cool, just sitting here makes me want to read roughly 22,000 books and I run into nice people. I love it.

And honestly, Waterford has a really good library. When I was just a boy growing up in Salem, it would be a big deal if we went to the “good” library, the Waterford library. We would look forward to it like Don Draper looks forward to a dirty Manhattan. The collection was mammoth.

So enjoy the library. You pay for it anyway. And I would bet, even if you are who loves to rave about taxes, that it would be pretty hard to complain in the climate-controlled, free-book paradise that is the library.

Carrie Jacobson June 04, 2012 at 11:54 AM
Love it! If someone came up with the idea of a library today - just as you have described - he'd probably be laughed out of the room. Isn't it great? I get all my books there now, and CDs on tape. And when I was growing up in NL, the Waterford library was indeed "the good library" !!!


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