VIDEO: Waterford Honors Its Family, Citizen And Employee Of The Year

WATERFORDrama parents, John Fratus and Jim Bartelli are honored.

WATERFORDrama went through a lot this year.

In the past 12 months, two recent graduates of Waterford High School who were active in WATERFORDrama died unexpectedly. Samantha Sterenchock, who graduated Waterford High in 2011, at the age 18, and Stirling Danskin, another recent Waterford High graduate, unexpectedly

But the family that is WATERFORDrama came together, and put on two memorable shows to honor and , and then put together their best performance ever – – in May. For their efforts, the parents of WATERFORDrama were named the Family of the Year at the Waterford Week Variety Show Wednesday night.

“We are very proud of this group,” Steward said. “They do represent what Waterford does with volunteer effort, and making it all happen for our students.”

Also Wednesday, John Fratus was named Waterford’s Citizen of the Year. Fratus has been a firefighter at the Oswegatchie Fire Company since 1961 and a paramedic for Lawrence + Memorial Hospital. He also received the Paramedic of the Year award and the Firefighter of the Year award earlier

“When you call for help, and who would be the first person showing up,” Steward said. “Not in a vehicle of any nature, but in his own car – it would be John. Because he is there to help. And that's what John does.”

Finally, there was Jim Bartelli, second-in-command at the Utility Commission, who won Waterford’s Employee of the Year (luckily, ). Bartelli has worked as an engineer at the Waterford Utility Commission for more than 25 years, and is just a guy who knows how to “fix a lot of stuff,” Steward said.

“Jim Bartelli does more for this community than most people ever realize, because he does it behind the scenes,” Steward said. “He doesn’t ask for notoriety, he just shows up and cleans up your sewer.”

Tammy August 09, 2012 at 12:40 PM
I just want to say Congratulations to Jim Bartelli! You deserve it!!


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