Drive Like Your Grandmother Lives Here

Seniors Want Drivers To Stop At Crosswalks

The seniors of Waterford have a message for the rest of the town: slow down.

At a breakfast meeting last week with the town’s elected officials and seniors who live at the on Clark Lane, the major complaint was how people drive, according to several officials who went to the meeting. There is a crosswalk between the facility and a across the street, and people should stop to allow the seniors to pass, they said.

The seniors like to cross the street to volunteer at the nursing home, said Board of Education member Jody Nazarchyk, who was at the breakfast. The seniors are becoming increasingly apprehensive because drivers do not stop to let them cross Clark Lane, she said.

Some are even using walkers, Nazarchyk said. It would be nice if seniors felt safe crossing the street in a crosswalk, Town Clerk Bob Nye said, who was also at the meeting.

Teresa Schlotman Wilensky January 28, 2012 at 09:01 PM
On Main Street in Niantic they have big signs that say "State Law requires you to Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk" or some such thing. Perhaps we could invest in a couple of those signs.
Paul Abramowicz January 29, 2012 at 01:03 PM
156 on the way to Dominion in the am it is a race to work for everyone. That is true everywhere. That am rush is speeding time. The school buses are the saving grace for law enforcement, we all have to slow down and then stop frequently. Cars are going to be computerized in the future, speed limit signs are going to beam signals to the computer box in the vehicle setting off the governor, mandating the speed of the vehicles. No more speeding in the future.
David Irons January 29, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Buford, I fail to see this as a young vs old argument. Those who complained are using the crosswalks in a legal manner and are simply asking that our laws be enforced. If I had children or grandchildren using those crosswalks, I would be arguing for the same consideration and enforcement for them. I might add Buford, you might want to consider that perhaps one day, you too will be one of those "old persons". I certainly would hope that others will consider your requests and needs more seriously than you seem to consider this issue.
Nancy January 29, 2012 at 03:39 PM
you're kidding me! really! some of these octogenarians drive like maniacs themselves! one strategy seems to be, 'the slow flow'. this is where they drive at a fairly low, but safe rate of speed, continuously, from start to finish. no stopping for those silly stop signs, funny overhead lights, those foolish kids who step into the road, or even the ratty looking squirrels who change their minds halfway across. and those 'other drivers'??? they need a good switch across their hands too, since they can obviously see that this driver is advanced in age, impaired, kindly, generous and sweet and needs 'special consideration', as for the other 90 percent of the drivers, a good 20 percent of them need to have their privileges revoked immediately, sent back to driving school, a good strong dose of tranquilizer implanted via slow drip, retested and given a provisional restricted license. they are the truly dangerous ones, who slikker by, never getting caught or even challenged by the cops who are too busy rushing to the crash site on the other side of town or standing around protecting open manholes. & its not just Clark Lane either, has anyone EVER tried to cross Rt 85 near the Crystal Mall? and then there's the snow plow guys (you know who you are!) who push the snow ten feet high around the existing crosswalk buttons! sheeesh, i could write a book!
Gerri February 09, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I was one of the four who brought up the dangers of crossing Clark Lane. Not only the crossing at the Ahepa Apts. but all five crossings on Clark Lane were addressed. Our concern was for everyone who use any of the crosswalks.


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