Connecticut Magazine Rates The Towns—And Waterford Comes in 22nd

For the first time, Connecticut Magazine used median home sales price rather than population to group the towns together for comparison purposes. Do you think Waterford should have been ranked higher on the list of best places to live?

Waterford came in 22nd? Go fly a kite!
Waterford came in 22nd? Go fly a kite!
If you think Waterford is one of the best places to live in Connecticut, then you're probably going to disagree with Connecticut Magazine's annual ranking of towns. The latest issue of the magazine rates all the towns in the state, grouped together by median home sale price, and Waterford is exactly halfway down the list in its particular grouping, ranked 22nd out of a total of 44 towns. 

In previous years, Connecticut Magazine had grouped towns by population for judging purposes. This year, the magazine decided it would be a fairer comparison to group towns using median home sale prices as the main measuring stick.

Waterford's median home sale price is $211,000, which places it among the 44 towns with average home sales prices of between $175,000 and $224,999. Connecticut Magazine considered the following criteria in making its final assessment: crime; education; community engagement; culture/leisure; and economy. (To see how all the towns stacked up, go to Connecticut Magazine.)

Waterford was ranked higher than many towns in several categories. The town was ranked 7 for its economy, 7 for its culture and leisure, and 11 for education (1 is the highest rating, 44 would be the lowest). Its overall ranking, however, was pulled down by crime rates, which ranked it at 42, and its community engagement earned it the ranking of 28. 

Two towns, Barkhamsted and Union, tied for the number one spot in Waterford's category. Here's how Waterford stacked up against other towns in New London Country in the same category:
  • Colchester—14th
  • Franklin—18th
  • Ledyard—20th
  • Waterford—22nd
  • Lebanon—23rd
  • Bozrah—26th
  • Preston—33rd
  • Groton—40th.
Do you think Waterford should have been ranked higher? Let us know in the comments! 
John Sheehan October 29, 2013 at 11:54 AM
The high crime rate is due to the large number of retail stores in Waterford and the spill over from neighboring New London. It really does not impact the quality of life in most of Waterford. I will be interested in reading how CM measured community engagement to determine that ranking.


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