Can Lee Elci Hit A Home Run Off Andrea Chiaradio?

The former professional baseball player thinks he can hit the pitches thrown by the Stonington High School softball ace. It's on!

It all started innocently enough.

Every Tuesday when I sit with in the studio at 94.9 FM for my 20 minutes of fame (8:10-8:30), he is kind enough to let me talk about some of the many great stories we have every day on Patch.

A few weeks back, I mentioned that a Stonington High softball pitcher, , meaning that not only did no opposing player make it on base, but she struck out all 21 opposing batters. It was , .

"I could hit a home run off her," Lee immediately says.

Now, for those who know Lee, they know he says this with some history to back him up. He did, after all, have an all-star career in baseball locally. And he played in the St. Louis Cardinals' organization.

But still. Come on. Really? A home run? He kept at it, enough to get under my skin, so I ended up issuing him a challenge that no, in fact, he could not hit a home run off this pitcher, and let's make it a fundraiser.

When I got home I emailed softball coach to ask her if this was do-able. It was. It is. It is happening Saturday, May 19, at about 3:45 p.m. at the Stonington High softball field, in between games.

Blink, and you will likely miss it.

Here's the challenge: If Lee hits a home run, I will make a donation to his charity, .

If he does not hit a home run, he will donate to my charity, .

You can go to 94.9 FM's Facebook page and join Team Lee or Team Elissa and make a donation to either of these worthy causes as well.

See you there!

Terry May 18, 2012 at 08:10 PM
No. He will not hit a homerun off Andrea.


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