An invasion of Mystic is planned for Sunday, Oct. 6 and thanks to social media, residents and visitors are forewarned and encouraged to attend. Pirates plan to plunder downtown Mystic after they land at Mystic River Park. And by plunder we mean talk pirate, flaunt their ruffled shirts, kick up their boots and pose for photos. Fear not hearties, the militia is on high alert and will rescue us from those bilge rats and make them walk the plank while the wee lads and lassies are entertained with fun activities. Costumes are recommended.

The Oct. 6 invasion begins at 12 p.m., here are the plans:

12 p.m. pirates land at Mystic River Park, ahoy!

12-2 p.m. pirates plunder Mystic, oh no!

2 p.m. militia arrives, phew!

2:15-2:30 pirates battle with militia begins, fingers crossed.

12-5 p.m. is a scavenger hunt

12-4 p.m. kids crafts

4 p.m. march to park

4:30 costume contest

5 p.m. closing ceremony

People should be primed and ready for the invasion since it follows National Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is Sept. 19. For more information, check out this Patch article on the day's history, resources and an easy tutorial on how to make a pirate hate.


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